The Alien Invasion Comedy ‘Save Yourselves!’ Is A Light-weight However Likable Distraction


Save Yourselves!, an amiable comedian trifle by writer-directors Alex Huston Fischer and Eleanor Wilson, begins with a heartbreaking loss. Millenial Brooklyn hipster Su (Sunita Mani) opens her laptop computer to find that—horrors!—her millennial Brooklyn hipster boyfriend Jack (John Paul Reynolds) has carelessly erased the tabs on her browser.

Su forgives Jack fairly shortly. However the couple turns into satisfied they need to simplify their lives because of a mixture of this technological tragedy and an encounter with an previous buddy, Raph (Ben Sinclair), who stop his job as an funding banker and is now dwelling in Nicaragua with a enterprise that 3D-prints surfboards out of algae. “I wanna begin a group backyard,” Jack tells Su. “I wanna be vegetarian once more,” Su replies.

As an alternative, the 2 accept taking Raph up on his provide that they get pleasure from some downtime at a household cabin he’s renovated upstate. So Su and Jack pack up their stuff—cautious to not overlook the sourdough starter Jack has spent months agonizing over—and head to the woods, promising each other that they’ll go a full week with out telephones or laptops, “disconnecting” with the intention to “reconnect” with one another.

However that nagging feeling that for those who don’t examine your cellphone one thing horrible could be occurring that you simply don’t find out about? Effectively, with Su and Jack, that seems to be actually the case—particularly, an alien invasion has resulted within the depopulation of New York and destruction of Yankee Stadium. Once they lastly discover that the “pouffe” within the cabin they’d thought was merely a footstool is definitely an extraterrestrial being with a keenness for ethanol, they energy their telephones again as much as uncover that a lot of their pals from Greenpoint are actually lifeless—or “dwad” within the phrases of 1 unexpectedly constructed textual content message. So our protagonists abandon the objective of saving themselves from the anxieties of contemporary life in favor of saving themselves from murderous aliens that resemble over-inflated tribbles.

The comedian conceits the film is constructed on are light-weight however likable: Su’s fondness for trite web packages of private development; Jack’s alternation between concern that he doesn’t know learn how to be a “man” and delight that he has turn into a brand new, higher sort of man. (When he tells Su “I’m a horrible listener!” it’s extra boast than confession, consciousness of the defect being extra necessary than the defect itself.) The couple’s wrestle with conserving their telephones turned off is mined properly—“I’ve been desirous to YouTube learn how to catch a rabbit so dangerous,” Jack admits—as are the foibles of the hipster class typically. Earlier than agreeing to make use of the rifle they discover within the cabin basement, Jack and Su want to debate the truth that, statistically talking, he’s extra prone to shoot her with it than he’s anybody (or anyfactor) else.

Save Yourselves!, which opens in theaters right this moment and might be obtainable digitally on October 6, by no means actually digs any deeper than this. However that’s in all probability a great factor. Mani (finest recognized for GLOW) and Reynolds (Search Occasion) are foolish however charming as Su and Jack: She makes use of her large eyes and fast grin to nice impact, and he will get good mileage out of his shtick as an ideologically self-correcting male. (Nearly each time Su suggests a plan of action, Jack initially rejects it, earlier than pausing to rethink and understand that she is actually proper.)

Not like, say, The Huge of Evening—a more stylish and sophisticated 2020 indie about alien invasionSave Yourselves! is unlikely to impress itself too deeply in your creativeness. However for those who’re available in the market for one thing to get your self off your cellphone or laptop computer for 90 minutes, you can do so much worse. Simply bear in mind to examine in afterward and ensure the world didn’t finish when you have been away.

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