Humorous Prison Minds Jokes About Spencer Reid


“That’s calm and it’s ‘doctor.'”

I dwell, eat, and breath Felony Minds. That’s not a secret to anyone. One different issue that’s not a secret is my obsession with any and all points concerning one Dr. Spencer Reid.

So, if you happen to occur to too love Spencer, then these jokes are for you:


“not all males”

ur correct. spencer reid from the fbi’s behavioral analysis unit in quantico, virginia, would not at all take care of me like this


as quickly as on felony minds dr spencer reid said no music will ever have an effect on you better than the music you listened to after getting been 14 because of science so if you happen to occur to see me crying to scorching mess by cobra starship ideas your rattling enterprise


spencer reid: science
me: i don’t know what you merely said nevertheless certain talk your actuality


ngl i uncover it terribly offensive that i can’t grasp round with spencer reid on account of he isn’t precise


spencer reid be like “i do know a spot” then be like “actually, i do know numerous spots, statistically there are 1,459 spots in washington alone…”


Dr. Spencer Reid carries his wood-handled gun on his hip like a flip of the century cowboy…beneath his little british boarding faculty cardigans

who tf allowed him to personal this rather a lot sauce


derek morgan and spencer reid’s blended vitality is further extreme than that of all of the us navy


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