Hilarious “Time Traveler” Tweets


To time vacationers visiting 2020…we’re sorry.

Fascinated about the potential of time journey — and time vacationers — may be endlessly fascinating.

However you already know what else it may be? Fairly darn humorous.

Twitter, in fact, is aware of this, and has made a LOT of hilarious time traveler jokes:


Since 2020 has been the dumpster fireplace that it’s, it is impressed loads of time traveler jokes:

I’m starting to suppose “hindsight is 2020” was some sort of message from a future time traveler that all of us misunderstood.


You picked the mistaken 12 months, man:


This joke truly MIGHT clarify issues:


(Please do not let this be true):

“Excuse me, I’m a time traveler however my machine malfunctioned, so I am unsure when I’m.”
“It is 2020.”
“Which 12 months of 2020?”
“What do you imply?”
“Ah, so this have to be the primary 12 months of 2020.”
“Oh. Rattling.”



Simply think about for those who have been a time traveler from, say, 2015. And if you travelled 5 years into the longer term, this whole display was the very first thing you noticed. https://t.co/XaUTHn5HRr


However not all time traveler jokes are about 2020:

time traveler: I come from the longer term, ask me something
me: oh wow is updog nonetheless round
time traveler: what’s updog?


Most are simply delightfully dumb:


And I recognize them:

time traveler: who’s your favorite actor

me: Danny Devito

time traveler: oh you imply President Devito



Rather a lot:

date: so what do u do
me: i am a time traveler
date: (will get up and walks out)
me: (loudly) i knew u have been gonna do this btw


(Shakes head):

me: i am a time traveler

1500s peasant: show it

me: you see that mud?

1500s peasant: yeah?

me: do not eat that


On the flip aspect, a while traveler jokes are actually good:

ROMAN SOLDIER: halt, stranger! what’s your identify?
TIME TRAVELER: you first.
ROMAN SOLDIER: my identify is QUINTUS, as i’m the fifth baby in my household.
TIME TRAVELER: my identify’s LIV
ROMAN SOLDIER: [starts counting on his fingers as his eyes open in fear]


This man, in the meantime, has a plan to identify time vacationers:

when the cashier tells me my whole, I all the time say, “that was an awesome 12 months”. relying on how they react to totals like $16.92 or $34.20 tells me if they are a time traveler or not.


And this dad discovered one:

4-year-old: I bear in mind your birthday.

Me: Yeah. It was final 12 months.

4: No, your first birthday.

I am elevating a time traveler.


Some individuals like to consider what they’d let individuals from the previous know in regards to the future:

SHAKESPEARE: i’ve completed it. i’ve completed my masterpiece. hamlet.

TIME TRAVELER: so they are going to do that with lions and it will be cool, then they are going to do it once more with pc lions

SHAKESPEARE: fuck sure. pc lions


It most likely would not go nicely, although:

what is the stupidest, most trivial factor you’ll do, for those who had the flexibility to time journey with out affecting historical past? personally, I’d make T. S. Eliot watch Cats


Yeah, nobody from 1991 needs to know this:



If I journey the world to go have a look at various kinds of clocks does that make me a time traveler?


OK, I am a “When am I?” man to any extent further:

asking strangers “what time is it?”

-definitely from this time interval

saying “when am I?”

-creates the concept you’re a time traveler


And lastly, you already know what? I believe this IS a time traveler:

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