Authorities use pear to entice, seize escaped emu


An emu that was noticed roaming the streets of a metropolis close to Boston was corralled by authorities in Massachusetts.

The emu was reported Wednesday morning in Haverhill, about 35 miles north of Boston, and was captured two hours later.

The Eagle-Tribune reported that the emu named Kermit, escaped from the property of a neighborhood resident who cares for undesirable animals. The resident had been getting ready to move Kermit to a farm in Maine when it fled.

Authorities say the fowl was captured safely after it was given a pear from a close-by tree.

Native to Australia, emus are the biggest residing fowl after the ostrich and may attain as much as practically 100 kilos and a top of just about six toes. They run quick and may grow to be aggressive.

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