21 Terrifying Teen Drama Scenes


Teen dramas could possibly be for children, nonetheless sometimes they embody some SERIOUSLY messed-up and scary stuff.

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Who can neglect when Stefan drowned repeatedly FOR AN ENTIRE SUMMER on The Vampire Diaries??

In honor of ~spooky season~, now we have decided to compile all of the creepiest teen drama moments!


First, when Aria was trapped in a area with a ineffective Garrett on Pretty Little Liars:


Aria turning over to see Garrett’s ineffective face was for optimistic the creepiest single second on Pretty Little Liars. I’m moreover super claustrophobic, so Aria being trapped in a area was super freaky. Oh, and he or she was moreover ABOUT TO BE THROWN OFF A MOVING TRAIN!!


When the Liars had been tortured in replicas of their rooms in a life-size underground dollhouse on Pretty Little Liars:


This was basically essentially the most messed-up issue “A” ever did, and truly, perhaps basically essentially the most messed-up issue to ever happen on a teen drama. The torture was so psychological, and I couldn’t take into account anyone could very nicely be so twisted as to provide you this.


When Nanny Carrie chased Jamie via the cornfields on One Tree Hill:

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When Haley grabbed Jamie (nonetheless we thought it was Carrie), I practically screamed. Carrie was a terrifyingly unhinged villain, and the thought-about anyone hurting Jamie was an extreme quantity of to bear. Moreover, cornfields are always terrifying.


When Derek attacked Peyton on One Tree Hill:

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The music cues and showing on this scene had been just so terrifying. Derek was truly the creepiest villain on One Tree Hill, and this scene struck fear into my poor teenage coronary coronary heart that has under no circumstances gone away. NEVER TRUST SOMEONE WHO SAYS HE’S YOUR LONG-LOST BROTHER!


When Freddie was crushed to lack of life with a baseball bat by Effy’s psychiatrist on Skins:


I will preserve to nowadays that that’s basically essentially the most horribly pointless issue to ever happen on Skins, a gift acknowledged for its gritty realism. Freddie was such a pure soul, and the reality that he was brutally crushed to lack of life by a mad psychiatrist was just too horrible to bear. The second had no sound or music as a result of the show zoomed out, and it despatched chills down my spine.


When Katherine was truly dragged to hell on The Vampire Diaries:

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The Vampire Diaries was a super-dark current, nonetheless this took the cake and left me with my mouth broad open, staring on the TV. We didn’t even know there was one factor previous the Totally different Aspect for supernatural creatures, so watching Katherine get dragged to hell was so creepy and sudden, notably as Bonnie watched on.


When Betty was pressured to bury Archie in a coffin on Riverdale:

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Being buried alive is one amongst my worst fears, so this scene truly acquired me. It was so darkish and horrifying, even for Riverdale, and flashing forwards and backwards between Betty being held at gunpoint and dirt falling via the coffin onto Archie’s face made it even worse.


When Betty was drugged by Edgar as he deliberate to cut her organs out on Riverdale:

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The bloody handprints on Edgar’s apron, the restraints, the dimly lit operation room, the masks pressured on Betty’s face, the implication that she was about to be CUT OPEN…this scene was utterly terrifying.


When Alyssa was attacked after which James killed the particular person on The End of the F***ing World:


I suppose I should’ve anticipated this from a gift the place the premise is a boy who thinks he’s a serial killer. This scene was terrifying even sooner than James stepped in, and I was truly utterly happy he killed the person — nonetheless it was so bloody and horrifying that it totally set a model new tone solely three episodes in.


When Angel murdered an individual and painted “WAS IT GOOD FOR YOU TOO?” alongside along with his blood on the wall on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

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I do know Angel did a LOT of messed-up stuff as Angelus, nonetheless that’s the one which chilled me to my bones. Writing one factor in blood is always creepy, nonetheless one of the simplest ways Angel did this merely to ship a message to Buffy about them having intercourse was so twisted and horrifying that it caught with me.


When the Gents took away everyone’s speech on the silent episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

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No current will ever prime this. For a gift that’s acquired components of horror nonetheless is usually campy, this was terrifying. I cannot take into consideration having my coronary coronary heart decrease out whereas I cannot even scream.


When Bryce’s ghost randomly popped as a lot as torment Jessica after which acquired eaten by bugs on 13 Causes Why:


Season 4 went full Pretty Little Liars, and the tenting episode is likely to be completely the freakiest. Can Jessica, like, breathe for five minutes?! This image of Bryce was horrifying on so many ranges.


When hallucinations of Monty tormented Clay on 13 Causes Why:


When Lilly’s ghost haunted Duncan on Veronica Mars:


Lilly’s ghost was notably freaky because of she appeared nonetheless lined in blood from the highest wound that killed her. Yeah, it was kind of cheesy, nonetheless it nonetheless utterly freaks me out, notably with the weird inexperienced lighting they used.


When Polo realized he’d killed Marina and let unfastened this blood-curdling scream on Elite:


I have no idea what it is exactly, nonetheless one factor about this second scares me way over the exact murder scene. I imagine it’s because of you probably can truly actually really feel Polo lose administration, and his scream is just so chilling.


When Emma watched helplessly as Will was brutally murdered on Sceam:


I was not a Will-and-Emma shipper, nonetheless this was HORRIFYING. Take into consideration having to watch your boyfriend get chopped alive?! Truly, we don’t give this current ample credit score rating for its scares.


When Eli had vivid nightmares after discovering Cam’s physique on Degrassi: The Subsequent Period:


TBH, I nonetheless can not inform if this was imagined to be blood or paint, nonetheless each means, it was super disturbing. The episodes following Cam’s lack of life are numerous the sequence’ darkest.


When Winston dressed on this freaky costume and held Zoë hostage as the school burned down on Degrassi: The Subsequent Period:


Degrassi had some pretty wild moments, nonetheless I imagine this scene truly takes the cake. This whole plot was SO weird and tousled. The reality that Winston and Zoë dated after this?! WTF.


When Oliver held Marissa hostage on The O.C.:


This scene was so chilling and intense. Oliver clearly needed vital help, nonetheless man, I was scared for Marissa. Listening to her cry out for help as he waved the gun inside the air and shushed her was ample to offer me nightmares for years.


When Sabrina had a imaginative and prescient of hanging witches by the apple tree on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina:


There are SO many creepy scenes in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, nonetheless the imagery on this scene was truly the creepiest of the current for me. Correct from the pilot, they redefined what was common to level out on a teen drama.


And ultimately, when Dr. Valack truly drilled into Lydia’s skull on Teen Wolf:


All the Eichen Dwelling plotline was SO SCARY, and truly, I have no idea the way in which Lydia ever acquired once more to common after this. It was so horrifying and traumatizing, even merely to watch.

Which teen drama moments always scare you? Inform us inside the suggestions!

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